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Larceny and Theft Crimes

Theft, or larceny, is the taking (or stealing) of another person’s property without permission and with the intent to deprive the possessor of its use permanently, knowing that he or she is not entitled to it. North Carolina criminal statutes refer to most theft crimes as “larceny”. Larceny can be a felony if the taken property is valued at more than $1,000, is from a person, is committed during a breaking and entering, or is the larceny of an explosive device, firearm or certain other items. There are several offenses one may be charged with when accused of larceny. Offenses that could fall under the general description of larceny include:

  • Receiving or possessing stolen goods;
  • Concealment of merchandise in a store;
  • Removal of a shopping cart from store premises;
  • Larceny of gasoline at a service station; and
  • Felony larceny of a motor vehicle or parts.

A larceny conviction can have a serious negative impact on your life and the lives of your family. Hefty fines can create financial burden, while spending time in jail can impact your relationship with friends and family, or even result in job loss, adding even greater financial strain to the situation. A criminal record may cause you to be ineligible for certain types of employment, prevent you from pursuing advanced educational opportunities, and will serve as a roadblock to obtaining, or maintaining, security clearance as needed for many government jobs. A felony conviction could even strip you of certain constitutional rights, such as the right to bear arms and the right to vote. Because of these potential ramifications, it is imperative that you have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to help you through the legal defense process.

Tharrington Smith’s criminal defense attorneys are experienced and accomplished trial attorneys who provide efficient and effective legal representation of criminal larceny and theft charges. We understand the confusion and anxiety that our clients encounter when accused of a crime. We do not judge our clients for the offenses upon which they are accused. Instead, we focus on the law, the investigation, and the protection of our client’s rights. We help our clients to make the best decisions from the oftentimes narrow window of options available. When you need a criminal defense lawyer, we are the experienced attorneys you want by your side in court. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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